Best Before 1997: Pure German cheese

I'm in a holiday mood today. Not just because of the early summer weather in UK, but also because I booked my summer holiday yesterday - three weeks beside the seaside, so I felt it was high time for some 100% cheese on the blog and what could be cheesier or more summery than a trip back ten years to visit Germany's greatest Europop/dance export (okay, that's not saying much), Mr. President.
Check out the video for JoJo Action. For me, this song features the world's all-time worst ever lyrics. Ah, they could only have been written by a German, not least because rhyming 'Candy apple tree' with 'JoJo honeybee' is actually an offence in some countries (well, it ought to be). At least the video redeems itself with a gorgeous shot of a discoball at 02'29.

Of course, it's hard to realise from watching their later stuff that Mr. President's earlier material was much harder. Take a look at the video from Forever and one day. It includes all the key ingredients of a summer Europop smash. Look at the sun drenched camera shots, and listen to the obligatory 'Oh-way-oh-way' lyric, pioneered by the Vengaboys themselves. Where could this beach be? Spain? Greece? Perhaps, but we're not too far from Germany, because methinks I can hear the sound of a jaunty alpine accordion in the background. The only downside is the irritating twang in the blonde one's voice... I challenge anybody to listen to the first thirty seconds without cringing at it.

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At 3:02 pm, Blogger J'ason D'luv said...

How funny -- my boyfriend just got back from holiday on Friday, and ironically he was in Germany. Though he didn't listen to Mr. President. Nor was he near the seaside. But he hung out with O-Jay from Real McCoy.

I keep meaning to add your site to my blogroll... will do so now. I really like it!

Happy Monday.

At 10:08 pm, Blogger Jake said...

First heard Coco Jamboo on holiday in Turkey in 1996. We All See the Same Sun is still a great album especially Goodbye Lonely Heart.
FBI is a stunner from their later album Space Gate.

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