Scooch wallpaper - you lucky people!

I've been too busy to post on the blog for a couple of days, as I've been filling in application forms for a new job recently. But I'm back now and here's a treat... I've made an all-new Scooch wallpaper, as the last one resulted in a huge level of web traffic to my blog and helped me to reach my 222nd visitor in just 2 weeks! The original images of Scooch used to make the wallpaper are ones which I found on schlagerblog so if you like them, try checking out the schlagerboys website.

I doubt that I'll be posting anything tomorrow, as I plan to be recovering from a hangover induced by a night's cheesy clubbing in Croydon tonight. If you are in Croydon, look out for me. I'll be the one gorging myself on greasy junk food in the street as I always get a taste for it when drunk.

To get the wallpaper, just left-click on the image here, then when it loads, right-click and set as desktop background.

If you are a Scooch fan (and if you're not, the exit from my fabulous site is located in the top right corner) then you might want to check out their new website, scoochonline.

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At 5:50 pm, Blogger Schlagerboys said...

How utterly fabulous!!

Scooch to win! Where can we get air hostess mini-suitcases on wheels - preferably in pink!!


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