It's all Swedish to me, my good man!

Having posted the video of Varsta Schlagern the other day, I decided to do a bit of leg-work and find out what the lyrics actually mean. The song is, of course, a p*ss-take of many Swedish schlager pop songs and I tracked down a translation of sorts on the schlagerlout blog. So here's the chorus, courtesy of that blog.

And it’s love, it’s the wind blowing
It’s eyes and they’re sparkling
And lots of other tired old clichés
Which say everything and nothing
And it’s stars and they’re shining
It’s the world and it’s disappearing
And the title should be punchy like a slap in the face

Oh and allegedly the bit where the keychange comes is marked by the words "And here comes the key change finallyyyy, finallyyyy... yyyyyy"

I've decided to put a link to schlagerlout's blog, if only out of gratitude for clearing this matter up.

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