A trip down Eurovision memory lane

In a rather slow day for trashy pop news, I've decided to take you on a wander down memory lane... back to the Eurovisions of days long past. Back in those days, of course, it took a little more than a set of cheap halloween monster masks to win the contest. Take Liora for example (1995, Israel). You'd have thought she had it all... big hair (even the blokes), matching costumes, carefully choreographed semi-swaying dance routine, gradually cranking it up to an all-arms-in-the-air finale. It all added up to douze points from the UK, but that wasn't enough to stop a dreary high-pitched song with a cheap instrumental breakdown played on the fiddle from Norway walking off with the title. You just can't predict Eurovision (although that's exactly what I'll be doing in the run up to May 12th)

Watch closely at 2'08 and you might even see a great shot of her fillings as she hits the high notes. They just don't make Eurovision entries like they used to.

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At 8:41 am, Blogger Jamie said...

What's more shocking is Norway 1995's violinist wearing leather trousers which in my opinion should be banned at ESC. The thought of Katrina Wave cavorting in them in 1997 is still enough for me to re-taste my breakfast.

At 4:15 pm, Blogger londonboy79 said...

On this we are agreed. Squeezing any ageing musician into leather trousers is offensive to human dignity.

Unfortunately this is a sight seen at least once a year in Eurovision.


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