Late rant about Justin Hawkins

A week on from the MYMU saga, I decided that there should be one more entry on my blog about it. It's about that comment from Justin Hawkins following the announcement of the result. IYou know what comment I mean... the one about the British public being either "stupid or racist" not to have voted for Hawkins & Brown or Big Brovaz. If you don't know the story, best check it out here - at entertainmentwise.

In my opinion, it is frankly insulting to label the UK public of being racist in order to justify losing on a prime-time light-entertainment show. I supported the Hawkins & Brown entry... until the live performance, which Hawkins squeaked through like a sheep inhaling helium. My immediate words after the performance were "Brown sang very well, but Hawkins performance wasn't up to it". Hawkins is kidding himself if he thinks the public's decision was based on anything else other than his own substandard performance.

In fact, the only person who has sought to explain the public's voting verdict in terms of race is Hawkins himself. If the report on entertainmentwise is accurate, then he has labelled the whole UK nation "stupid or racist".

I for one now welcome the fact that on the back of his shoddy performance, we may well have seen the last of him in the public eye. Long may it last.

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