Tickets, precious tickets!

Tonight BBC1 is screening the live Making Your Mind Up (MYMU) programme in front of a select ticketed audience. At home, televoters will decide on the UK entry to the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki.

Occasionally, I have been known to hoard precious tickets in my wallet... admission passes, train tickets and other reminders of days out long past. I should have liked to have a pair of MYMU tickets to add to my collection and with this in mind, I applied for free tickets on-line and prayed quietly to Sir Terry, God of Eurovision that I would be allocated some.

As you can already tell from my sarcasm, my prayers fell on dead ears. And alas, I sense foul play at work, as nobody on the MYMU web forum received tickets either. Not to be thwarted so easily, I set up a thread on the BBC forum encouraging other disappointed fans to complain en masse with me. However, no sooner had my complaints-thread begun to gather momentum than the moderators closed it down. In my opinion, this amounts to censorship of the worst kind.
Tonight I shall be watching on the small screen and hoping for a victory for Hawkins & Brown.

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