Shake it, shake it, make it alright

If you tuned into 1994's far-from-classic Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, you will remember them. They were like an all-female version of the Village People. Mekado performed what many regard as Germany's 'last decent entry' to the competition. Wir Geben 'Ne Party was a camp little disco number, with a dance routine involving lots of hand-clapping, thigh-slapping, head-twisting choreography. And where did it get out plucky German trio? Only third place! Surely one of the greatest Eurovision travesties of all time. Relive the good times here and imagine what might have been.

I propose three cheers for this fabulous teutonic trio! They say good things come in threes, so here are three things you never knew and possible never cared about Mekado

1. The name Mekado was taken from merging the first names of the girls in question. Melanie is the one with black hair who often appears to draw inspiration for her outfits from an S&M catalogue. Katie is the tall blonde who has always disturbed me purely by having an unnatural distance between her eyes. Dorkas is the brunette who appeared on stage at Eurovision in what appeared to be a sailor suit constructed purely from her grandmother's crochet kit.

2. Dorkas went on to continue being a successful star in Germany and is now more blonde than Katie (the one with the dodgy eyes, sorry - can't get past that)

3. The group went on to release a full album, titled We're Giving A Party (Should've sacked the translator, girls). It's now out of production, but you can pick it up on Ebay if you're a shrewd bidder. Here's a taster of what the album includes. Good Morning I Love You is a slow pop number which gets catchy after the third listen. There's even a slight whiff of a key change towards the end.

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At 10:30 pm, Blogger Melodimen said...

Another 3 minute masterpiece (upon the third listen) by Uncle Ralph we assume.

Love to hear the rest of the album!

Those key changes that just quietly pounce can come as a pleasant surprise 30 secs too early!

And the ending....




Thank goodness it wasn't an octave higher!

Danke Mr Londonboy!

At 12:07 am, Anonymous Craig said...

One of my fav Eurovision tracks ever - love it!! Will look out for the album :)
PS Love ya blog!

At 8:52 am, Blogger Jamie said...

Germany are always at its best when they send a big pile of cheese penned by Raplh Seigel.

As for the Mekado album, well how can you go wrong when it has a track on it called 'Forever In Blue Jeans'. Only in Germany!!!!

At 3:51 pm, Blogger londonboy79 said...

@Craig: Thanks for compliments on my blog!

@Jamie: The Germans do love their denim, don't they? I remember my German exchange visit to Cologne, full of people dripping with cheap denim on every conceivable limb!

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