Britain does not need to see this

Last night I risked electrocution pulling various SCART leads out of the back of my digi-box and DVD player and hammering them into the back of my old VHS recorder, which had come out of retirement especially for the television event of the summer - the launch of Big Brother 8. I wasn't prepared to miss horse-face Katie in the Apprentice over on BBC1 you see. Well, now I wonder why I bothered. Whoever had the bright idea of putting eleven girls into the Big Brother house and no men ought to be ceremoniously sacked forthwith. And just look at the state of the eleven women chosen, especially the two twins, who seem to think they are living incarnations of Barbie. I like to think I have a high pain threshold when it comes to nauseating entertainment (I sat through Cilla Black's Moment of Truth shows for example) but seeing two oddball twins scream repeatedly at each other and declare that they "love pink" is enough to make me vomit. I beg all British readers to vote them out of the house, Britain does not need to see this.

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At 10:35 pm, Blogger Jamie said...

Indeed! Where is a shot gun when one needs one?

At 11:59 pm, Blogger Daz said...

The moment those twins entered the house screeching, I wanted to throw something at the TV. Although I find them sweet in a weird sort of way now... although if I ever met them in the flesh I would be forced to fly one to a country on the other side of the world.

And then they finally put a man in and put one of Northern Line? What a load of old shit! They should have put people from different ethnicities in and added Jade Goody in to the mix. That'd create some excitement!

(Its Daz from Ghetto last night, by the way. Fabby blog. I will keep checking it)

At 4:43 pm, Blogger londonboy79 said...

I'm just trying to work out, who is least bearable? The two screeching twins or top-heavy Carole... hmmm...

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